1. “What we can do.”
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Thank you for visiting the home page of Yonetaya Co., Ltd.

We consider the so called slowness or disability as part of a person’s personality.
At Children’s Day Service (supporting facility for disabled children, SMILE & IRIS) we offer educational treatment support with help from respective organizations including medical, welfare and educational institutes, which helps children from infant age to 18 year old to enter the society with confidence.
We take importance and allow children to accumulate various experiences while having fun, which make them competitive in future society.
Also, we have Continuous Employment Support B Office (Sweets Specialty Shop SWEETS PEACE) to be their first step to normalization.
Create employment opportunity in the making and selling of sweets such as SHIAWASE Catalana, SHIAWASE Fresh Cream Chocolate, SHIAWASE Lemon Cake, and treat every staff as a family to create a better living and working environment.
Anyone who is interested in our facilities or products is more than welcome to call us anytime.

スイーツ専門店 SWEETS PEACES(スイーツピース)オンラインショップ 企業主導型保育園ルーチェ 児童発達支援・放課後等デイサービス スマイル 児童発達支援・放課後等デイサービス イーリス 児童発達支援・放課後等デイサービス シエル 最新情報はこちらでも配信しています 幸せカタラーナ よねっちのブログ 夢がいっぱい☆スマイル・イーリスのブログ